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The Case of the Missing Groom

This is one of my favorite “Save the day” moments

We encountered a situation one Saturday afternoon, where the groom was missing and it wasn’t cold feet.  The groom thought that he was to be picked up by the best man for his special day.  Who else but the best man should ensure that the groom gets to the wedding, not just on time, but to the ACTUAL WEDDING.  Apparently the best man forgot to read the etiquette chapter in the “How to be the BEST best man” guide, and assumed that another one of the groomsman or the groom himself would figure out how to get there on his most special day. Unfortunately all of the groomsman assumed the same thing.

I find out about this less than an hour before the ceremony.  I run to get my contact list, and call a cab company to go pick up the groom.  The bride finds out about the situation and (believe it or not) is mildly freaking out.  I assure her that everything will be fine, and that no one will even know this happened, and she will laugh about this later.  She agrees that she will probably laugh about it later, after she causes bodily injury to the best man.

So here we are, 200 plus people ready to be seated outdoors on a hot August afternoon, with everything (and almost everyone) in place to kick off the day’s festivities.  Five minutes prior to the start time, the cab pulls up, the bride and I let out a big sigh of relief, and the bride and groom (both still looking a little unnerved) run to their position to celebrate the beginning of their new life together.

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Sleeves Optional

The bridal attendant’s role may be the most underappreciated role I know.  We are on staff to attend to a variety of needs, but our mission is clear… keep the bride calm.  We are, in essence, human Valium.

The bride has picked out the most gorgeous gown, very form fitting and elegant.  Due to a last minute alteration around the shoulders, the bride couldn’t pick up the gown until last night.  As she begins to put the gown on, there are “oohs” and “aahs” aplenty.  She places her arms into the sleeves, and the sleeves fall off of the gown and onto the floor.  It appears that the seamstress forgot to re-attach the sleeves to the gown one the alteration was completed.

I never go to an event without a thread and needles, in the event that there is a quick stitch needed here and there.  It now looked as if I could receive my PhD in sewing today.

Sewing, in general, has never been a passion of mine.  However, I now had a chance to not only attach these sleeves back onto a gown, but change the entire day of this bride.  As I sewed, I continuously gave thanks to my seventh grade home economics teacher for teaching me the importance of creating a basting stitch.

The stitches held up, and the bride thanked me profusely, and I wondered what my next “save the day” challenge might be.