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Fun Summer Party Ideas!

1. Mediterranean Theme Party

This sultry party idea is well paired with a balmy summer night under the stars. Serve simple Mediterranean fare such as kabobs and hummus with pita bread. Decorate with bold colors, throw pillows and paper lanterns for a romantic flare.

2. Beach Party

Nothing celebrates Summer tradition more than the quintessential beach party. Throw a beach ball around and encourage guests to dress in swimwear! Decorate using bright, bold colors,  intricate prints and candles.  As the guests enter, hand them sunglasses as both a fun party favor and a table number. For a more sophisticated ambiance, have guests arrive at dusk. Set the mood with upbeat 60s music, create a bonfire and let the fun commence.

NYC Offices Open July 24th for Same-Sex Marriage Licenses!

Normally, the NYC offices that administer marriage licenses are closed on weekends, but NYC mayor Bloomberg has decided to open them for this very special occasion. According to Mayor Bloomberg, this is a very historic event and he does not want anyone to wait longer than they have already. Additionally, the NYC clerk’s office will remain open 2 hours later the week after the bill goes into effect to accommodate the extremely heavy demand that is sure to follow. For more information, check out this article from PIX news 11!

At Caterbid, we are revolutionizing the catering industry the same way this new law has revolutionized marriage! We are excited to help you plan your special day and we are only a few clicks of a mouse away. FREE party planning services are included!

Floral Centerpiece Wedding Trends for Summer 2011

A wedding during any time of year deserves a fresh, floral centerpiece. Some new floral trends include orchids mixed with roses, which incorporates a classic wedding staple and something modern and fresh.

Another modern take on a classic look is the incorporation of bold colors mixed with traditional color florals. Shown above, shades of black, yellow and white add sophistication to bright, vibrant color.

Bridal Fashion: The LWD

There has been a recent trend of brides shying away from traditional long-trained gowns, and gravitating towards more modern, shorter styles. LWDs (Little White Dresses) add a fun, sexy spin to  your wedding day. If you can’t picture yourself without your long train and veil, then wear it! The traditional look can be worn for your ceremony, and most of the reception. Surprise your guests with a fabulous entrance to your dessert buffet in one of these LWDs. You’ll then be ready to party for the rest of the night! After all, it is your most special day, so why not splurge on an outfit change? If Kate Middleton and Princess Charlene Whittstock of Monaco did it, why can’t you?  Try something new and different for your big day!

Wedding Trends: Lacy Cakes!

Lace is no longer reserved just for the dress! A new trend of lacy wedding cakes adds a touch of vintage, old world charm to your wedding day. Some cakes incorporate bright pastel colors, or black lace for a sophisticated effect.