Wedding Party Catering Services: Why Catering Makes The Party

Catering has been my life for quite a while. There’ve been many ups, a few downs, and a whole lot of fun. Weddings – by far – have been the most eventful of any event I’ve catered. They are a time of great joy for most – but the set-up and planning of your special day can be incredibly stressful.

More often than not, the  atmosphere and energy at your wedding comes down to the catering service. If you have a reliable wedding caterer who serves good food and hires excellent service, the wedding party will be remembered, in the short and long run, as a gem!

In the end, a wedding party relies completely on its food for success. There are two good reasons for this:

Memory - remember the last wedding party you attended? How often, the morning after, did you end up talking to friends and relatives about the food? The chicken! The cake! The open bar! The goat cheese salad with walnuts and… what was that citrus dressing?!?

The wedding party is the final leg of the nuptial marathon; there’s very little fanfare through the middle of the race, but everyone remembers the finish line! Food goes hand-in-hand with these delicate, sensual memories: cutting the cake, the best man or father’s speech. We usually have a plate, drink, or snack in our hands through all of these. When we have something delicious in-hand, we’re less likely to remember a flubbed line or an etiquette snaffu.

Saves you Stress – we can all agree that planning a wedding is a difficult, stressful venture for some. The expectation is that, come wedding day, however, all of these little stresses and irritations will have paid off with a flawless service, from the opening notes of “Here Comes The Bride” to the last hold-out guest dancing away alone on the dance floor.

If the salads are late, irritation. If the chicken comes out cold, frustration. Even if the entire meal is just sort of… mediocre – the organizers, the guests, even the blissful bride and groom, they all notice these hiccups – especially for the people who spent the last six months organizing the party. The key, then, is to find the perfect wedding caterer, one who’ll work with your budget to make the most important day of someone’s life just a little bit better.

Fact is, good catering service makes a wedding party.

That’s what makes CaterBid’s group of caterers essential; they’ll bid for your party and stop at nothing to make your party perfect.

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