Create Your Perfect New Year’s Resolution

As 2011 comes to a close, for many it is a time to reflect on the year’s happenings and assess what we could have done to make it better. The change of a calendar year is often associated with new beginnings and celebration but before we forget the old and ring in the new,  here are some things to consider when creating your perfect new year’s resolution.
1) Embrace your accomplishments in 2011
As you look back on 2011, instead of focusing on the things you regret, give yourself props for the great things you accomplished throughout the year. This will help you realize where your strengths lie and help you harness these strengths to purse a new goal.
2) Set reasonable goals for yourself
Make a new year’s resolution that will challenge yourself without being unreachable. If your goal is to lose weight, instead of vowing to spend endless hours at the gym every day, rotate a schedule of fun exercise classes 1-2 times a week  that will be sure to keep your interest.
3) Find what really makes you happy
Take time to assess what events really made you happy in the past year. If spending time with friends and family helped brighten up last year, why not resolve to spend more time in 2012 doing just that. Leading a healthy lifestyles begins with finding happiness for yourself, embrace the love and life that surrounds you and 2012 will surely be a year to remember!
On behalf on our CaterBid team, we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and of course, Happy New Year!

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