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Thank you J Walter Thompson!

We at wanted to thank you  for using us for the J Walter Thompson Holiday Party. allowing us to be a part of J Walter Thompson’s special day. It truly was a Winter Wonderland in every aspect of the word. We look forward to the next event and to see everyone’s smiling faces again.

“Thank you doesn’t really cover it!  I will say this again and again.  You guys are truly amazing.”

Our Chief Executive Office of North American, David Eastman sent this note out last night right after he left the party.  This is a huge accolade to me and it would not have happened without both of you!  Please also thank Beverly at Chazzam and Richard!  What a fabulous team!!!!  Happy Holidays to you both and many blessings in the New Year!
Alicia Schiro and David Eastman

CB Was Here

Thursday November 29th, NY Technology Council hosted a Networking and Holiday Event to celebrate the Anniversary of their company. CaterBid had a wonderful time catering the event and looks forward to participating in their next party! With cakes by Marissa Lerer and photography by Lauren Naefe, we wanted to take some time to highlight their work.

Lauren Naefe is a professional portrait and events photographer who lives and works in New York City. From corporate events to red carpets, weddings to family gatherings, and music festivals to intimate concerts, she takes photos for a variety of organizations and shoots in both digital and film. Visit for more information or say

A great cake should not only look beautiful but should taste good too! That’s the general philosophy behind CrayonBox Cakes. From whimsical birthday cakes for kids to sophisticated wedding cakes, CrayonBox does it all.  Marissa Lerer, a web developer, musician and cake decorator started her cake decorating business with her blog, where she taught herself to make epic cakes, one a week, for an entire year.  During this time she tested out various techniques, dropped a few cakes and had a lot of fun. Now she is making cakes for all of occasions. Let CrayonBox cakes design you the perfect cake for your next event. |

Events on a Budget

Tips to Throwing a Fabulous Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower on a budget? Here are some tips that will keep you under budget and feeling frugal.

1. Host the party at the mom-to-be’s house. It will keep costs down and you wont have to pay for a venue!

2. Make all of the party food from scratch, like finger sandwiches, carrot soup, pasta salad, fruit salad, and sparkling lemonade.

3. Buy a couple of packs of fabric markers (you can even re-use them for the next shower!) and have your guests decorate a onesie for the baby.

4. Play a fun game with your guests. My favorite game is the guessing game! Fill a bottle with pink, blue, green or yellow M&Ms or jelly beans and have your guests guess how many candies are in the bottle. Winner wins the candy!

5. Fill empty baby food jars with bath salts for part bags. You can make bath salts by mixing body-product safe fragrance oil (found at any craft store) and a little bit of food coloring (a few drops of red, blue, yellow or green depending on the theme or gender)! Fill the food jar and create a sticker label to personalize it. You can personalize it with “____________’s Baby Shower” with the date or “Welcoming ___________” with the due date. Tie it with a colorful ribbon and stickers and you’re good to go!

Happy National Sachertorte Day!

Need a new holiday dessert idea? Why not exchange the All American Apple Pie for a dessert of a different color, the exclusive Sachetorte. Only made in Vienna and Salzberg, they have even been kind enough to ship globally to the United States!

The cake itself is made up of two layers of dense chocolate sponge cake, separated by a layer of apricot  in the middle and covered with a lush, dark chocolate icing (you can even add whipped cream if your really having a good day).  Although this cake isn’t overly sweet, it stands out on the dessert table with its rich and powerful flavors.

Originating in 1832, the sachetorte came to be when Prince Wenzel von Metternich demanded that his chef create a unique dessert for his special guests. However, his chef was ill and it was up to his 16-year-old apprentice, Franz Sacher, to create this unique cake.

Sacher…Sachertorte? You can guess where this is going!

If you can wait to splurge, here is one of our favorite Sacher Torte Stores.

Original Sacher Torte

Telephone: +43(0) 1 514 560

Fax:+43(0) 1 514 568 10


Happy Sachetorte Day!

Events on a Budget

In honor of America’s hero, your hi-nest Apple Pie, why not celebrate? Here are a list of our favorite ways to celebrate National Apple Pie Day on a budget.

  • Share America’s ultimate comfort food by giving a slice of pie to one of your local hometown heroes. Here in NYC, stop by a local police or fire department and let them know how much we appreciate everything they do for our beloved big apple city.
  • If making a pie does not fit into your schedule after a long day of work, why not go to your local pie shop to bring a dessert home for you and your family. Here are some of our favorite pie shops in NYC.
1. Bubby’s Pie Company located on 120 Hudson Street.
2. Buttercup Bakeshop located on 973 2nd Avenue.
3. Four and Twenty Blackbirds located on 439 3rd Ave.
5. Baked located on 359 Van Brunt St. Brooklyn 11231.
  • If you feel like sharing today, bring a pie to work and indulge your co-workers each with a slice of pie.
  • Give a gift of pie to a friend whose done a special favor for you this month.
  • Throw a pie making party for your kids! You can even make a toppings bar for your kids to make their own signature pie.