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What is CaterBid?

CaterBid.com allows clients to build an upcoming event, decide how long caterers can bid on it, and then post the event.  Registered caterers are instantly notified of new events and can create a bid package based on clients requirements for the lowest possible price.  Clients then review the bids and select a winning bid. The best part: creating a profile and bidding on an unlimited number of events is completely free to CaterBid.com registered Caterers. 

Click here to see a video demonstration of how CaterBid can work for you!

Why do I have to register?

Registering on CaterBid allows caterers to create a personalized profile and bid on an unlimited number of posted events. Registering also gives you e-mail notifications to new events posted in your area. 

Click here to register as a caterer and begin to fill your calendar.


How do I register/create a profile?

From the home page, select "Caterer Registration" in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Registration takes only minutes to complete, and once you are registered, you can start creating your caterer profile, and begin bidding on events immediately.

How do I post a bid?

Once you have logged into your CaterBid account, you can search for events in your area and their service dates by clicking on the events page.  Click on an event to find client requested information, and if the event fits your criteria click on "Post Bid" and submit menu information and pricing and confirm your bid.



What if I don't have an e-mail address?
 The CaterBid.com system is designed to contact you directly via e-mail only.  If you do not have an e-mail address, you can get one for free through internet based e-mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN
Can I mail, e-mail, text or fax in my catering profile information to you?
CaterBid.com is committed to having caterer profiles as complete as possible.  This allows clients to learn more about the services you provide.  Please speak with a CaterBid concierge team member if you need assistance. 
Can I change information after I have submitted a bid?

Absolutely.  If you need to change information about your bid, login into your CaterBid account, select the event bid that you need to update, and click "Edit Bid". You may then update any information you need regarding your bid and repost it

How do I cancel posted bid?

If you need to cancel a bid, you must first login your account, select the event that you need to cancel your bid , then click "Delete Bid".  This will remove your bid from the event.

Am I obligated to honor a bid that has been accepted?

Yes, once a bid has been accepted by the client, each caterer is expected to honor the bid that was posted for the event.

How long are bids good for?

All bids are are considered to be "good" from the time that the bid is submitted until 24 hours after the event bid period has ended.  If the client does not select a bid within 24 hours after the event bid period has ended, all bids become null and void. 

Does CaterBid charge a fee for any of its services?

CaterBid does not charge a fee for a caterer to register on CaterBid.com, create their own caterer profile, or bid on an unlimited number of events.  The only fee that CaterBid charges is a small percentage (7%) of accepted bids.  It is solely a pay for performance scenario.  When you fill your calendar, we all benefit.

How do I know my information is secure?
CaterBid.com uses secure technology to make certain that all of the data you enter on CaterBid.com is protected, confidential, and secure.  Please see our privacy policy for additional details.
How will I know when my bid is accepted?

Once a client accepts a bid, caterers are sent a confirmation e-mail from CaterBid.  This e-mail includes all detailed event information as well as remaining balance due from the client.

Once the initial deposit is received for your bid, CaterBid takes its fee and forwards the remaining balance from the deposit to you.

What if I cannot reach the client?
 If you have not been able to reach the client within 2 business days of your bid acceptance, please contact CaterBid immediately for assistance.  
How do I change my password or other account information?
You may update any of your account information at any time by logging into CaterBid.com and clicking "My Account"
If I entered my e-mail address incorrectly, how can I ffollow up on my posted bids?

It is extremely important that you enter your e-mail address correctly when creating your profile, as we use e-mail to communicate directly with you when new events are posted or questions asked about your bid.  CaterBid is not responsible for any errors or delays in responding to a bid posted caused by an incorrect e-mail address provided by you or other technical problems beyond reasonable control.  However if it has been one business day since you created an event bid and you did not receive a confirmation e-mail regarding your event bid please e-mail help@CaterBid.com for additional assistance.

I am not a caterer. Does CaterBid.com support any additional event planning services?
Unfortunately, at this time CaterBid is focused solely on providing catering and venue services for clients.  
I am a caterer outside of the United States, can I still use CaterBid.com?
Unfortunately, we currently only provide caterer/client services for events that are planned in the United States.
Does CaterBid.com sell my contact information?
CaterBid.com will not sell your contact information to anyone. Your information is only revealed to a client when your bid has been accepted. You may view the details of our privacy policy here.
How do I cancel my account?

We are very sorry that you have decided to cancel your CaterBid.com account. Please email concierge@CaterBid.com from your registered email address with "Please Cancel My Account" in the subject line. We would also request that you provide a reason for cancelling your account so we can continue to provide the best services to all CaterBid caterers. 

I have a recommendation/comment for CaterBid.com
We love feedback and welcome any and all recommendations and comments. Please submit your comments here.
How do I contact CaterBid.com?

You can contact us directly through the following methods:

  • Phone: Call Customer Service representatives at: 1-888-922-8372
  • Live Chat: Representatives are available Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm (EST)
  • Fax: 1-888-310-1626
  • Mail: CaterBid Corporate Headquarters - 16 East 82nd Street, Suite 4R, New York, NY 10028 
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